How does it work?

Surf Reward developed an intelligent extension compatible with all common browsers, which can be installed quickly and easily by anyone with one click. First and foremost, it is a modern ad-blocker whose goal is to block advertisements in the form of pop-ups or banners. In addition, the privacy of users is protected by deactivating tracking functions.

A great advantage of Surf Reward is recognizing the advertisement space on websites and automatically replacing it with its own advertising partners. This function is configurable and allows redirection of the advertising budget used and ultimately a remuneration for the end-users.

As already mentioned at the beginning, advertisement spaces are nowadays expensive. A single banner display costs the client, depending on the provider and some other important factors, on average between $0.03 and $0.08. If you take the average price, an individual advertisement thus costs approx. 0.055

If you now look at large websites that use four or even more advertising spaces in parallel on a single page, the profit is easy to imagine. By using Surf Reward, we offer you a completely new content technology for which you will be rewarded without changing your own browsing behavior.

It is completely irrelevant how much, often, or for how long you browse the internet and which websites you visit. Surf Reward occasionally replaces individual existing advertising spaces and further advertising spaces or pop-ups that are still blocked.

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